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Contract Services

You can employ one of our contract professionals for your project. With most computer-related and other technical fields represented, we can work with your people to complete your project on time.

To use this service, simply give us a call or send e-mail to Either way, contact Wayne Menke, the person in charge of this service. Wayne will help you refine your requirements based on the technologies involved and the availability of personnel. Some of the specifications we encourage you to include when you make a request:

We will recruit qualified candidates based on our experience in the technical communications field. That’s why we specialize in both electronic and paper-based technical communications: we know what to look for in applicants. For more information about our qualifications in this field, go to About Us.

Next, you review the resumes we have compiled specifically for your project and the hourly rates associated with each candidate. If you find a talent match within your budget, contact us immediately to arrange an interview with the candidate.

Finally, you interview and select the candidate(s). At this point you should call us again to arrange a start date and time and finalize the arrangements necessary (we’ll handle the pleasant chores like signing the contracts and making sure we’ll get paid on time!)

What is the Billing Rate?

The contract billing rate is typically charged on an hourly basis and is paid from your company to Mendem Concord. This begins after the contract employee has worked a week or so and submits a time sheet to you (our client) for signature. By signing, you verify that the employee worked on your project, as agreed, for the hours specified on the time sheet. If you have requested overtime effort, it will be reflected on the time sheet.

Then we’ll periodically send you an invoice for the services our personnel render on your behalf and with your explicit approval (as evidenced by your signature). The invoice must be paid within the time specified on it and to which you have previously agreed. The amount you pay is deductible as a business expense. You have no responsibility to perform the typical payroll functions, such as withholding of taxes and provision of benefits, because we handle all of that.

The billing rate, then, represents the wages paid to the employee, all required withholding amounts for taxes, insurance and benefits, plus our costs and profits. We work hard to keep all of these expenses as low as possible so that you pay no more than necessary for top quality personnel. That’s our competitive edge!

In addition to our experience, we are backed by some major previous customers (go to Clients). Feel free to ask us for references and evidence of our status as a corporate citizen. We also hold the necessary insurance policies to protect our clients.

What if I Need to Change or Halt the Project?

One of the most compelling advantages to using agency-supplied contract personnel today is flexibility. If your needs change after the project has begun, contact us. If, for example, you need to add more personnel, we can quickly provide the additional resources without your having to hire and train (thus delaying completion). If you need to halt work on the project, contact us to arrange termination of services. There are no penalties for this flexibility as long as appropriate advance notice is given.

What if I Want to Hire the Contractor?

The contract employee works for Mendem Concord. If you decide you would like to hire the person, contact us to arrange the transfer. Of course, such hirings are typically covered by a Right-to-Hire clause in our contract and require the payment of a recruiting fee to Mendem Concord. We pledge always to work in the best interest of our clients and employees and will not deny a transfer if it is best for all parties. Naturally, the final decision to accept or reject such a transfer is up to the employee and will likely be based on the job offered, salary, and future potential for growth.

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Warren, NJ 07059 | (888) 753-8500

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