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Project Services

Documentation Project Services (off-premises) provides you with top-caliber personnel to work on your project without you being required to provide facilities for them (offices, computer support, telephones and so on).The work is done by our people working either at our offices in Warren, New Jersey or at a site agreeable to both you, the client, and the worker. In addition to expert technical writing, we can provide a seasoned project manager to plan and oversee the work.

To use this service, simply give us a call or send e-mail to Either way, contact Wayne Menke, the person in charge of this service. We will help you scope out and estimate the effort required to complete the work. We then supply you with a bid that encompasses all of the personnel and facilities required to complete the work. The bid will specify the length of time required, number and functions of personnel, the output expected in actual volumes or size, the amount of money required, and the schedule of payments.

To help you plan for this service, please consider the following:

If you accept our bid to complete the project off-premises, our personnel will begin work. Whether paper-based or electronically-delivered, we will plan, outline, write, edit, re-write, and produce the information product with several review and approval points built into the schedule so you can check quality and progress. For more information about our qualifications in this field, go to About Us.

How am I Billed for Off-Premises Projects?

We’ll send you invoices at specified intervals for work-in-progress. These invoices can be based on time-and-materials or can be fixed-price, whichever meets your budgetary needs. If the project is quoted at a fixed price, a clause may be included that specifies what constitutes an overrun or underrun and how such a situation would be handled.

In any case, our cost profile is low, ensuring that your project will be completed as efficiently as possible within the amounts of money and time you have allotted for the work. As with contract services, the people who work on your project will be seasoned professionals who get the job done right with no wasted effort.

Mendem Concord, Inc. | One Mountain Blvd.
Warren, NJ 07059 | (888) 753-8500

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