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Internet Services

We can set up and administer a World Wide Web (WWW) site on your server or one provided by our service provider. This includes both an Internal Document Server (for in-company document delivery) or an Internet (Public) Document Server (for public document distribution on either a free or fee basis).

For help or information about our Internet Services, contact David Demyan at If you are serious about joining the electronic document delivery revolution, he can answer your questions and help you get started.

Internal Document Server (Intranet)

WWW technologies are being applied at a surprising number of companies to deliver technical information electronically. The same reasons that companies, organizations, universities, and people use the Web to store and search for information makes it an ideal method to store and distribute technical, personnel, or promotional material within a company.

To accomplish a robust and useful document delivery system, we’ll help you set up an internal server on your existing LAN or on a dedicated documentation server. We coordinate all of the technical aspects (such as recommending server software and administration procedures) and can either convert your existing paper-based documents (go to Document Conversion) or provide the personnel to create it (go to Contract Services and Project Services).

If you are considering an electronic information system to deliver your internal procedures, technical information, policies, or whatever, do not hesitate to contact Mendem Concord, Inc. We can help you make the right choices early to save you time, money, and wasted effort.

Internet (Public) Document Server

If you are reading this message, you understand the power of being able to deliver information on demand, directly into your customers’ hands electronically. Your competitors either already have Internet-based public technical document distribution systems or are getting started.

The benefits are many:

Mendem Concord personnel can consult with you regarding your needs. We perform the role of overall project manager for your electronic document delivery system. We can recommend the systems and software that will accomplish your goals.

If you want to set your products off as truly innovative and are seriously considering online technical document delivery, do not hesitate. Contact David Demyan at to discuss your plans.

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