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Document Conversion

NOTE: For those interested in learning more about converting existing documents to HTML or Windows Help, see On-Line Subjects for more information.

Our personnel are skilled at all types of document conversions, particularly the conversion of desktop published or word processed documents to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Windows Help. We can create a complete Web site and beautiful Web pages or Help topics from your FrameMaker, Ventura, Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, UNIX, or any other software. Documents can be from any computer operating system. Embedded graphics can be converted and linked.

Do You Have a “Mountain” of Information to Put Online?

You’ve visited the right Web site!

We scan the technology for the best and most efficient methods to convert documents. When a new conversion becomes available, we’ll test it to see if it provides any improvements over existing methods. If so, we quickly put it to work on our clients’ documents.

We have the tools and expertise to turn your mountain of paper and word processed files into user- and ecology-friendly online information. Regardless of the form or format, Mendem Concord can customize a solution to meet your present and future needs.

Things to Consider

Here are some of the things you can consider before embarking on a conversion “voyage”:

List of Mendem Concord Conversion Services

Your existing documents can be from any computer operating system. Embedded graphics can be converted and linked in online systems.

Benefits of Converting to Online Information Delivery

Some of the benefits you will receive from Mendem Concord’s document conversion services:

Advice for Those Ready to Go Online

Mendem Concord personnel can consult with you regarding your needs. If you want learn more about this topic, please refer to On-Line Subjects. When you are ready to convert your documents or set up your own conversion operation, contact David Demyan at to discuss your plans.

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