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Online Help

We have specialists who can assist you in creating online help for your program. Mendem Concord specializes in Windows Help systems as well as online help for other computer systems. Well-designed online help systems can be invaluable to computer program users. The online system can either supplement or replace paper user documentation, depending on how it is conceived and designed. Online help is typically available to the user during program operation.

At Mendem Concord, we have experience in creating Windows Help using Help Authoring Tools (HATs) such as RoboHelp or DocToHelp. You can evaluate our help systems for yourself by looking at our examples.

In addition. we have created multi-platform systems for clients using:

Things To Consider

Some things clients may consider when consulting for online help services:

Benefits of Online Help

Some of the benefits you will receive from a well-designed help system delivered by Mendem Concord: Mendem Concord personnel can consult with you regarding your needs. When you are ready to get started with a comprehensive online help system for your software, contact David Demyan at

Mendem Concord, Inc. | One Mountain Blvd.
Warren, NJ 07059 | (888) 753-8500

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