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Multimedia and Computer-Based Training (CBT)

A multimedia specialist with expertise in online training delivery will first advise you about the technology, then help you plan and execute an effective, efficient multimedia or CBT system customized to your needs.

What is Multimedia?

The term “multimedia” generally refers to presentations, demonstrations, and shows that are created on a computer and are intended to be run on a computer. There are two main purposes for these programs: Mendem Concord has multimedia experts on staff to consult with clients about their needs and provide the tools and expertise to create effective and efficient multimedia products. Our consultants may decide to recommend any of the following tools: We have ideas we haven’t even come up with yet!

Benefits of Multimedia

Whether you want to highlight or demonstrate your products using a computer or train users at lower cost, Mendem Concord can help you today. Contact David Demyan at to discuss your needs.

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