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David B. Demyan

Profile. David spent his early years in northeast Ohio and began his technical writing career in earnest after graduation from Akron University and a graduate assistantship teaching English composition to college freshmen. He worked for various Ohio-based companies as a technical writer specializing in computer user guides and hardware manuals.

On moving to New Jersey in 1982, David began working as a consultant to AT&T prior to divestiture on the Net 1000 project for the new division, AT&T American Bell. He progressed through various contract assignments in AT&T and formed Mendem Concord Incorporated with Wayne Menke in 1986. Many of these assignments involved telecommunications computing systems and required desktop publishing expertise.

Through the late 1980s and early 1990s, David concentrated on innovation in technical information presentation. He joined the Society for Technical Communication and served as First Vice President. David spent time at Consolidated Edison, Bellcore, AT&T, and various other clients.

In the late-1990s, David is focused on electronic document delivery, online information retrieval, the Internet and World Wide Web. He continues to consult for clients while serving as President of Mendem Concord.

David Demyan is the Managing Editor and a frequent contributor to the On-line Subjects, Mendem Concordís free online magazine on topics related to authoring and converting documents to HTML for World Wide Web publication.

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